A Beacon of Kindness

Sometimes a thank you can come from the most unlikely of places. Wayne Ennis, Operations Manager in Eastern Riverside County, received high praises for Associate Supervisor/Paramedic Michael Wallace in the form of a blog. The blog was written by a relative of the victims.

“Dear Mike Wallace,
Within my family, the name “Mike Wallace” has recently become synonymous with the words hope, compassion and kindness. For each member of my family, your name now represents everything that is good with the world, even under the most difficult circumstances…”

On June 30, 2017, Mike and his partner Monica Pintus, responded to the scene of a tragic accident. The victims of the car accident were 4,000 miles from home and as a loving wife lost her husband that night, Mike was there to lend aid, support and comfort.

“On this day, your actions clearly went far above the call of duty, and my family is beyond grateful for everything you did…Thank you so much Mike Wallace. You took care of my aunt and uncle at a time when our family couldn’t. It was through tragedy that we discovered a blessing. Although we have never met, we all now regard you as a member of our family. You are forever in our hearts and we will forever be grateful.”

On that night, one family’s life was forever changed but Mike’s compassionate care and kindness helped to alleviate the pain of loss.

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