A Grandfather's Story

In March 2018, Dennis Cox was having a relaxing day with his wife and two grandchildren when the worst happened: he accidentally hit his young grandson, Abe, with his truck. His wife called 911, and throughout the entire time transporting Abe via ambulance to the Air Evac, the paramedics allowed Dennis to stay with his grandson. The Air Evac Lifeteam made Abe's trip to the hospital last only 20 minutes, while Dennis and his wife's drive took close to an hour. While the team at the hospital worked to save Abe's life, a kind flight nurse made sure to continue to call Dennis and keep him updated, which he is incredibly grateful.

Abe spent 30 days in the hospital, and he has made a full recovery. Dennis credits the quick transport and quality of care that Abe received from Air Evac Lifeteam for keeping his "miracle baby" alive and getting them all through their worst day.

The Cox family has started a non-profit organization, The ABLE Foundation, to help support children with medical needs, their families, and to encourage their healthcare providers.  

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