A Lasting Impression

December 15, 2020

When Paramedic Matthew Demarse responded to a labor call, little did he know, he would be the one delivering the baby. Here is one mother's note of gratitude.

Dear Matthew Demarse,

Thank you.

It’s been almost a year (November 26, 2019) since we met you, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and the lasting imprint you left on our hearts. I am forever grateful for you. You’re the first person to ever hold my baby girl, Shay Olivia Price, and I think that’s so incredibly special. I’ve wanted to say thank you for months, and it never seemed like enough. 

You presented yourself in a calm manner. You asked me questions and talked to me through the contractions. You told me exactly what you were doing as Shay’s arrival was imminent. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for being skilled in your profession.

It takes a special person to walk into a chaotic situation and be level-headed. My daughter was supposed to be a scheduled C-section. Multiple doctors over the years said that. You were not given the privilege of having time on your side or all my medical history in front of you. However, you embraced the unknown and cared for me with what you knew in that moment; which was messy. I was fully dilated, my water had just broke and life’s natural progression was in full speed.

It’s amazing how parts of that hour are so clear, and others are foggy. I guess that makes sense though. I clearly remember you telling me that you’ve delivered babies before and today was not going to be one of them. Ha! But what a beautiful change that ended up being. 

I remember being loaded in the ambulance. I was watching you prepare for making it to the hospital in time and also preparing for the birth to happen in the ambulance. You had the heat turned on full blast in case she was born in the ambulance, it’d be warm enough. You placed an IV so if we made it to the hospital, I’d finally get the medicine I was pleading your for. I screamed (a lot) while you were steady, and you never swayed from that. 

I could go on and on about what I remember from that day, but you lived it too. You’ve lived through countless other scenarios and probably gone on thousands of calls since that day. You’ve met so many different people, risked your life, worked tireless hours and I’m sure not every call had a good outcome like ours did. So today, I’d like to thank you again for delivering our baby girl into the world. Although traumatic, this memory is a happy one for us.

I’d also like to thank your partner, I apologize for not knowing his name, but he drove us safely to the hospital. I cannot imagine driving while hearing the screams he did and then a beautiful cry once baby Shay made her entrance.

I hope we can one day thank you in person. Until then please know what an impactful person you are in our home, a hero, thank you again.

Laura Price

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