An Amazing Response

The Whitehorns love the outdoor life and were prepared with an AirMedCare Network membership if an emergency medical event happened on one of their adventures. But what they didn’t expect was for a life-altering event to occur at home. When Lisa Whitehorn suffered a stroke, her husband knew immediately what was happening. Steve called 911 which was the start of an amazing response. REACH Air Medical Services was called into action when timely intervention was critical. 

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Global Medical Response
Hi Jane! If you are flown by one of our aircraft, our AirMedCare Network members have no out of pocket costs, regardless of whether you have insurance. For any additional questions, please call 855.408.3787.
3/22/2021 7:44:45 AM

Do you have to have health insurance to be able to join? A friend of mine is 25 years old but presently he does not have any insurance not even the affordable care act. Thx
3/21/2021 6:55:36 PM

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