Caring for Our Own

Two employees from Lifeguard Ambulance, an AMR company, are grateful for how the Global Medical Response Employee Foundation provided them with the financial assistance that they needed following the devastation of Hurricane Michael.

Anita Kennington, a paramedic and field training officer, did not see her house for six days after the catastrophic storm, and unfortunately, she did not have much to come home to. Chip Roberts, an operations manager, came home to find his entire property damaged by the hurricane and his entire roof ripped off.

Global Medical Respose was immediately looking out for their employees. They "called to check up on [employees] to make sure that [they] were all okay," Kennington said. They even helped to put displaced employees into motels. Kennington and Roberts are grateful to the Employee Foundation for helping them to get back up on their feet after the storm damages knocked them down.

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