No Ordinary Call

November 16, 2020

As EMTs, Christian Cruz and Alonzo Mora share a common passion—caring for people. Cruz and Mora are often referred to as the dynamic duo, the dream team and are an inspiration to many of their colleagues. 
Recently, Cruz and Mora were posted near railroad tracks when they noticed a teenager nearby. They immediately took note of the teens’ condition. Based on their keen observations, they determined that the teen was not your typical kid. They approached the teen and asked if he needed help. He was shy and insecure at first, but they were able to eventually gain his trust. The teen opened up to them and they were able to discern that he was a runaway from an abusive environment. They noticed the backpack he carried with his school supplies was extremely old and tattered. The youth confided in them that his original intent in leaving home was to obtain internet access to complete his schoolwork and that his situation escalated from there. 

Cruz and Mora contacted the Rochester Police and the youth was transported to a local hospital to receive care. After the teen was in the care of the hospital staff, Cruz and Mora left. As soon as they were off duty, they went shopping then returned to the hospital with a new backpack and additional school supplies. The teen was humbled and surprised by their act of kindness, he shared his artwork with the EMTs, and they were quick to praise him for his talent. The youth stated that nobody had ever told him he was talented. 

Even though this was not an ordinary call, Cruz and Mora delivered exceptional patient care. Not only did they ensure the teens physical needs were handled but they looked beyond to his emotional needs. Their act of kindness, at a moment’s notice, may have changed the trajectory of one teen’s life. 

Thanks to Rochester Critical Care Paramedic Beth Clark for sharing this story with us. 

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Maria Arache
I am proud of my son Christian Cruz for been how he is since a little boy he shows that he care for others like his mother me show to him i am so proud of my baby boy God bless him
11/29/2020 9:18:08 PM

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