Vigilant EMT Student Thwarts Robbery

August 12, 2021

Nicole Kuntz says she was driving past the Key Bank when she noticed someone acting suspicious near an ATM. 

“I saw him at the corner, looking around the side,” Kuntz said. “And it completely freaked me out. So, I drove past and came around again, and I saw him running out of the bushes.”

But she says she feared even more for the driver using the ATM at the time.

“My instant thought was he’s going to go and get whoever that individual was,” Kuntz said. “And I just knew I had to park and get whoever that person was help.”

She called Gates Police, who were there within minutes.

Nicole has always wanted to help people, which is why she’s currently training with American Medical Response (AMR) to be an EMT.

Jean and Rachel Howard, who were in the vicinity of the incident, stopped by the local operation to thank Nicole for her bravery. 

Read the full story: 
Spectrum News: Police: Teen Arrested Following String of ATM Robberies in Monroe County

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