A Personal Dedication

November 16, 2023

When the time to provide care at a moment’s notice came on a day in April 2022, Paramedic Rob Spencer sprang into action. The call involved a young child, who had been riding on a mower when he was run over by the very vehicle he had been riding. Spencer arrived to find this child still under the mower with horrific injuries. The injuries were so severe that Spencer was forced to make a decision that could have drastic consequences for this young boy. 

By the time the child was freed from the mower, an air ambulance was hovering overhead. He continued to treat and stabilize the child as the aircraft made its way to the designated landing zone. Unfortunately, there was an issue that resulted in the grounding of the air ambulance. Spencer then made the tough decision to make the lengthy transport with the unstable child by ground. Through expert and rapid assessment and treatment, the child made it safely to the local children’s hospital. The young man had to endure multiple surgeries but was able to recover and return to a nearly normal childhood. 

“Rob was instrumental in the rescue of a young boy who suffered a traumatic injury after a devastating accident. What makes his story more extraordinary is this event happened on the six-year anniversary of Rob losing his own child and, despite his own personal loss, he is now even more dedicated to saving lives,” said Byron Sedlacek, Spencer’s operations manager.

As for Spencer, he is just beyond grateful that this young boy was able to recover from his injuries.

Spencer was recently honored as an American Ambulance Association 2023 Stars of Life recipient. 

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