A Timely Intervention

In July 2017, James Couch went out one night in his mom's car, and on his way home, he got into a serious accident. While driving on a winding road, James collided head on with a semi-truck. Air Evac Lifeteam was quickly on the scene, and paramedics and nurses gave him pain medicine, calmed him down and assessed him. While on the flight to the hospital, the inflight paramedic and nurse had to decompress his chest twice, which ended up saving his life. James was in the hospital and then in a rehab center for the rest of the summer, but has made an amazing recovery and graduated from high school in May 2018.

"They knew what to do and how to treat him prior to getting him there," James' mom said of the Air Evac Lifeteam, and she knows that they played a significant role in saving her son's life.

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