In My Time of Need

September 19, 2023

Do you remember that time someone helped you during a vulnerable situation, ultimately leaving you with an immense sense of gratitude? It could have been that friend who gave you money to cover the month’s rent or worked with you to fix your car when its “check engine” light came on, or maybe it was a few words of encouragement that gave you the motivation to step out of a rut you’d been in for some time. Whatever the case, we’ve all got our stories. For Brigette Cupples, that story happened one day in mid-January 2022. 

“Like so many people, I contracted COVID-19,” recalled Cupples. “At first, I thought it wasn’t too bad. I figured I was fairly healthy and could get over it soon. Unfortunately, my condition continued to decline, and I eventually developed pneumonia.” 

To make matters worse, Cupples, a resident of Decaturville, Tennessee, didn’t live near a hospital that was equipped to provide the appropriate level of care needed for her deteriorating health.

“My oxygen level was dangerously dropping; it was in the 60’s at the time of being admitted to my community hospital,” said Cupples. “It was decided then that I needed to be flown to a larger healthcare facility that could better treat me.” 

Cupples praises the exceptional care she received from the Air Evac Lifeteam (AEL) crew. She says they went out of their way to make sure she had a stress-free experience.

“They made me feel special,” she said. “They were continuously monitoring me. They probably have no clue how much their attentiveness meant to me. When someone is going through the kind of health scare that I faced, every ounce of kindness and care is appreciated. They were there when I needed them. That’s all I can say.”

And because Cupples was a member of the AirMedCare Network (AMCN), she was able to get the critical care she needed in time, contributing to her recovery and hospital discharge nine days later. In addition, as an AMCN member, she didn’t have to worry about any out-of-pocket expense for that air emergency service.

“I purchased a membership with AMCN several years ago for my family, thinking that I would never use it,” said Cupples. “It was so affordable, that even though I thought I’d never need it, I went ahead and took it to cover myself and my loved ones, and now I’m so glad that I did. I don’t know what would have happened had I not had that service.”

Cupples was flown to West Tennessee Healthcare in Jackson by a medical crew with Air Evac Lifeteam. She says the entire flight took around 30 minutes at the most.

“If I had to go to that hospital by ground, it would have taken at least one hour to an hour-and-a-half and, given my condition, that could have resulted in a really bad outcome for me,” she said. “I can’t tell you how grateful I was for that crew and for my AMCN membership. All of it came through for me in my time of need.”


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